Classroom Courses

Advance Technical Analysis

7 Class (1.5 hrs each)

In this module you will get aquatinted with the nuts and bolts of real life professional charting. You will learn to select the right stocks and time your entries and exits. Little understood ideas like lchimoku and Fibonacci are discussed in detail. Learn to read Volume and compare stocks.


7 Class (1.5 hrs)

Derivatives or Futures and Options as it is often called is the real thing. The place where the real money is and where it is so easy to lose big money. So tread with caution and master Options before you dabble in them.

Expert Level

7 Class (1.5 hrs)

Expert s the final culmination of our course where we hand you the top trading setups for different profiles and trading styles. You learn to biuld you own setup and get to know why Algo trading is all the rage!